Load Testing and Inspections of lifting machines and equipment

We provide Load Testing, Inspection and Certification services in relation to a wide range of lifting machines and equipment, including:

  • Load testing of Forklifts, inspection of Forklifts
  • Load testing of Mobile cranes, inspection of mobile cranes (Liebherr, Grove, HIAB, Tadano, Palfinger)
  • Load testing of Overhead cranes, inspection of Overhead cranes
  • Load testing of Loader cranes, inspection of Loader cranes
  • Load testing of Crane trucks, inspection of Crane trucks
  • Load testing of Vehicle hoists, inspection of Vehicle hoists
  • Load testing of Aerial platforms, inspection of Aerial platforms
  • Load testing of Telehandlers, inspection of Telehandlers
  • Load testing of Cherry pickers, inspection of Cherry pickers
  • Load testing of Jib cranes, inspection of Jib cranes
  • Load testing of Mono rails, inspection of Mono rails
  • Load testing of Scissor lifts, inspection of Scissor lifts
  • Load testing of Trolleys, inspection of Trolleys
  • Load testing of Chain blocks, inspection of Chain blocks
  • Load testing of Lever hoists, inspection of Lever hoists
  • Lifting equipment (shackles, chain slings, flat duplex slings, webbing slings, endless round slings, lifting beams and spreaders)

We have access to a test bench that is designed and utilised to load test and certify lifting equipment up to 100 tons. We also have a mobile test bench that can test up to 25 tons.
We provide annual service agreement options to our clients, providing an all-in-one, comprehensive and convenient certification solution. We are also flexible enough to offer once off load testing and inspections as required. We attend to the following:

  • Annual load testing of lifting machines.
  • Quarterly visual inspections of lifting equipment (as required).
  • 6-monthly visual inspections of lifting machines.
  • Quarterly colour coding of lifting equipment / tackle (as required).
  • Detailed inspection reports are issued of all issues that needs to be addressed / repaired on lifting machinery.

We are pro-active and will contact you to schedule the above mentioned inspections before they are due. This is a service that we offer and value greatly as we need to ensure that certificates remain valid and that inspections and testing do not become overdue.

When it comes to testing, inspections and certification, we’ve got you covered.

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